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It is important to realise that distance Reiki treatments never take the place of conventional medicine. Reiki is a complementary therapy and therefore not a substitute for proper medical intervention, or care from your GP. Reiki is not designed to be used to diagnose a condition nor to prescribe or amend medication or the advice given by a licensed medical professional. Always consult your GP regarding an acute or infections condition, or problems that in any way cause you concern.

I understand that Sarah Cooper is not a physician, medical or mental health practitioner and makes no claims, promises or guarantees as to the outcome of any session(s). Reiki is an entirely safe therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare, so expanding treatment options.

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All personal data is collected only for the specific purpose of carrying out this, and any future Reiki treatments, and to provide the highest level of service. It will be held for the minimum lawful and contractual period. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.
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