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Reiki for your Child
Growing up is always challenging, but what if you sense that your child is feeling the pressures more intensely than you are comfortable with?

Reiki can be a wonderful way of helping your child to feel better emotionally, because...
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Some young people find it difficult to express or talk about their issues.
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They can feel additional pressures at school, within friendships & even the family.
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They can struggle with feelings of low self-esteem & self-worth.
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Reiki can help a child to find their inner peace & calm.

Sessions can work without requiring communication, ensuring there is complete ease at all times.

It is entirely safe & gentle, yet deceptively powerful.
Sarah has worked successfully with a number of young people who have  found it a little more difficult to find their balance in life.

Whilst the more usual route of counselling can offer a wonderfully healing experience for many, it can be too daunting for some to be forced to express their inner feelings, & for those that are still very young, there is also the possibility that they may not have developed the ability to do so yet.

Reiki allows you to provide a possible solution.

Treatments can take place in your presence, (though many feel sufficiently happy & confident enough by their second session  to ask you to wait downstairs!) giving you reassurance.

Thoughts of 'therapy' can be replaced with 'relaxation technique'.

Young people find Reiki a pleasurable experience as well as enjoying the results & many have asked their parent to book a further appointment for them.
Telephone or  Text  07799 311797
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