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A personal view…

Reiki is a very beautiful and special thing in my life. It is something that fills me with delight in its charmingly magical essence. It takes me to a place of wonder and yet a place of knowing. It feeds my very Soul.

It is a reminder to me that despite our world being a place in which we see much to horrify and fill us with despair; still the true foundation of life is that of pure love.

I cherish the fact that Reiki can be what you want and choose it to be, because Reiki only ever wants you to be who and what you are - your beautifully unique and individual self.

In one way it is simply a very practical tool providing a framework in which to heal and bring life back into balance, whether that is for physical or emotional reasons, and most usually a combination of both.

And yet in another, it can be an opening to your spiritual self. Like a doorway to the part of you that somehow you feel but can’t describe, that part which can feel tantalisingly close at certain times in your life and yet barely a distant memory at others.

Reiki is like a beacon of light in my life, strong, steady and constant. When the seas of life become turbulent and challenging, it is an ever-present force; bringing hope whilst guiding me out of the waves and back to calm waters.

And I love how it blends reconnection to our true spiritual nature whilst encouraging the emergence of our authentic personality, and in doing so brings more peace, love, joy and harmony whilst retaining a sense of humour along the way...
Telephone or  Text  07799 311797
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